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About Me

My Experience

I am Brigitte Zabak and I am an Idea Advocate. I am inspired by big, visionary ideas. My passion is in the details, and I thrive in environments where I am able to help bring conceptual dreams from the blueprint stage to production.

My roles in politics, the nonprofit world, and media relations have been expressions of my intrinsic desire to help, nurture, and lead meaningful projects to completion. I want to make an impact. I want to help amazing visionaries transform their big ideas into reality.

My Skillset

As a person with so many interests, I have amassed a unique and vast skill set. The last twenty years has been an adventure in writing, editing, project management, public relations, communications, media relations, social media, event and project coordinating, administrative work, baking, restaurant management, and business ownership.

I've exercised those skills in a number of professional fields including film and music festivals, nonprofit organizations, restaurants, state and local government, political campaigns, and personal businesses. 

My Passions

In my life, I have had the good fortune of merging my passions with my professional life. My love of writing, social justice, baking, and advocacy has allowed me to share an important part of my life with others in a life-changing way. I hope to continue to use my writing and my love of food and culture to connect with and travel the world.